Water cycle flows, hydro pools on ground
Rise cloud blows, falls back down
Soaks into soil, heats into steam
Grows into plants or drips back into stream
In a steady motion, seed planted sowed,
Waana magic potion, garden forest grow

How it be taken, where it be goin
zen garden rakin, boat we a rowin

Zen garden rakin, boat we a rowin
Earthworks be shapin • earth into a coil
Grey wana snakin • drip back into soil
Dirt plants makin • wet and shady layers
Swimmers, flyers they kin • drinkin from the sprayers
Rainwater catchment • pipe cut in half
Made into attachment • channels like a staff

How is be taken, where is be goin
Wind tree b shakin, shore wana flowin

Wind tree b shakin, shore wana flowin
Fog nets lay • attached to wooden posts
Cloud drip tray • on ridgeline coast
Wana wheel frame • Spins as river flows
Passive pumps tame • Storage level grows
Electric bike hand • pumps pull H2O
Sky land pond • or from well below
Pumps pump the water • in cisterns and tanks
Or a plastic liner • packed on dirt banks

How it be taken, where it be goin
Hen chicken raising, seed we be sow’in

Solar still steam, bio-sand drip
Silver-clay sweat, passive water sip
Gravel settles chunks, sand grows bio-film
Charcoal micro monks, fired in a kiln
Hose coil’ed round, thrown on top
Catch sun rays, turn cold to hot

Coil hose through, a compost pile,
Heat brought to you, by thermophile
Box painted black, barrels face the sun
Cold at bottom tack, hot rise run
20 liter pails, pipes elbows flaps,
Each leave finer trails, of kitchen scraps

How it be taken, where it be goin
zen garden rakin, boat we a rowin

Zen garden rakin, boat we b rowin
Worms gravel soil, consume residue
Drop it at the base of banana tree bru
Gravel rings n coal, filter slow flow
Add air, tea, pond plants fo sho
Water tower tank, creatin’ pressure,
5-meter high , shower feelin fresh-r bester nester
Rice water tester, emo changing flow
Emoto take a photo, of the snow-do, doin voh-doh,
Water’s got no disguise, it’s naked n covered in eyes
spotifies all the broad skies
So we catch it clean it run it back around
Let the whole crew use it, infuse it with its sound
[Shaw] Burger spins it round and round the vortex
Circles up to crown, take us outta da matrex
Take us
Take us outta
Take us outta da matrex