Are you interested in learning about permaculture? Do you have a piece of land you want to develop to be sustainable and natural and more “eco”? Sign up for a permaculture course near you. This page a place for all types


Are you interested in volunteering at a permaculture community? The Permaville network of eco-communities connects volunteers with volunteer opportunities happening around the world. As a volunteer on a permaculture community, you gain valuable skills while working on need-based projects for the community. To volunteer with


This is a list of people who have taken a Permaville Permaculture Design course. This is also an open database of qualified permaculture people. If you have taken a PDC and would like to add your name to our database of

Upcoming courses

1-18 April 2015
Annapurna region, Nepal (Permacultourism)

8-31 May 2015
Canova Creative, Northern Italy (Zen Earth)

Read about past courses

Jan 12 - Feb 1, 2015
Kailash Akhara, Loei, Thailand

Nov 10-30, 2014
Kailash Akhara, Loei, Thailand

Aug 10 - Sept 7, 2014
Mango Tree Lamjung, Nepal

July 6 - Aug 3, 2014
Saelao Project Vang VIeng, Laos

What course participants say

"This course offered a key to the keyhole of sustainable living. I feel confident to start changing the world, bit by bit. They provide a humble approach to all levels of knowledge. These guys rock."

Frankie Mann Saelao PDC course participant

"This course really changed a lot in the way I see things. It was a mind blowing experience. It was a month of great learning with teachers that I felt really believe in what they teach and of course the rest of the participants made a huge difference."

Tom Navot Saelao PDC course participant