Track: Bongo BRK, Nightmares on Wax

Plant point in soil, man seek deduce
Makin water boil, stomach obtuse
Fire coal oil, electric juice
No limit toil, mind on loose

Drum 200-liter • steel pipe for smoke
Chop wood quarter meter • fill straw to stoke
Burn, seal heater • no smolder choke
1/5 coal from cedar • compost water soak

Bio-char coal • Condo microbial
High heat charbroiled • Clinks like pins when ya bowl
Catches air particles • field of space little hole
Thru coal, run water cold • tastes like water boiled

Wood vinegar burns • lower temp than bio-char
Drum dig little turn • angle metal bar
Barrel wood burn • makes half bucket vine-gar
Insect no concern • Dilute stretch it far

Plant point in soil, man seek deduce

Makin water boil, stomach obtuse

Simple machine • building blocks of movement
Heavy loads up a lean • efficiency improvement
Pulley, wheel axle, lever • Wedge, screw, inclined plane
Compound machine clever • same mechanical strain

Plane surface slanted • moves low to high
With point leverage granted • seesawin eatin pie
Screw in beam main • a twist round a line
Wedge inclined plane • on edge, cuts fine

Pulley rope wheel bound • squeaky clothesline
Wheel axle on ground • round center grind
Compound from simple • 1 plus 1
Pulley two wheel axle • bicycle lever spun plus 1

Plant point in soil, man seek deduce

Fire coal oil, electric juice

Basic hardware stores • hep ya build what you need
Sand clay gravel score • pipes barrels sometimes seed
Hand tools pick shovel • cutter, rake, hammer, nails
Saw, steel rod, drill • screws, axes and pails

Drill, grinder, chipper • circ saw, mixer
Chainsaw welder • belt sander, generator
Heavy machinery • rent machine with frame
Excavators, dozers • grinders of grain and cranes

Wind turbine solar panel • kinetic wind sun rays
Fossil fuels needa channel • a nudge with a blaze
Turbines turn propeller • round gear in gearbox
Rotor fits in stator • then fills with watts

On sides magnets large • copper coil feeda
Blades spin, make charge • lights electric mosquito
Gears turn rotor bar • sparks faster than a cheetah
Fires line of stars • far away to heat burrito
burrito burrito burrito