Brother Ali, Uncle Sam Goddamn (Instrumental)


From the shell, stems grow spring
In the so-il, root tips sing
Roots dig deep, trade on street
Make the meat, spread the wheat
Moves through stems, be-comes limbs
To the sky, leaves sprout wide
Soaking rays, then slide to flipside

In that space, hair on root tips,
Leave sugar grapes, like hooked worm lips
Grapes feed fungi, hangin in the dirt
Crobi scobi fungi spongy eatin they desert

Then here come the nematodes, a pro-to-zoa episode,
Each eat passin on the node, then they sit on the commode
Nit-ro-gen in fluid mode, now’washes on up the road,
Stem’leaves thru em flowed, plant made it’self abode

Capillary pumpin, Chloro disks a bumpin
Sunray tempo thumpin, fruit veggies plumpin,
Fly-walk’rs see lumpin, swallow pass no grumpin
Then return by clumpin

Bigger critters come around, n feast on proto nema
Worms swim thru the mound, spi-ders fly-ers to extrema
Bodies turn to humus, soil spongy fine
Store water crobi plus, fungal net benign

Symbiosis, like machine, passin gene, from seed to seed
CHO brings life to hood, NPK fruits, roots n wood

CMgS, protein finesse, bonds together phos-phor-us
Boron makin sugar carbs • copper propa-gatin parts
Molb-denum nipin nitro • zinc smoothin sugar flow
Chlor-ide meta-bolo • iron fills chloro-phylo

Leaf litter, fresh n crunchy • fallen leaves and trees
Topsoil, dark and spongy • root plant blow in breeze
Sub-soil root stalk • some good under house
Diggin tappin bed-rock • Trumen show tappin on clouds

pH power hydrogen • how dro soak in vita’min
0 14’alkaline • 5 5 – 7 5 is fine
̣Compost keeps it middle • if pH needs a fiddle
Lime shell bone if little • sulfur bark chip brittle

Hor-izon sur-vey’rs, look at thick slice of earth,
Billion years a layers, been feedin on since birth
Billion years a layers,
Billion years a layers, been feedin on since birth