Hand picks up stone • point to habilis shone
Blunt node of bone • securin dome (then)
Erectus hormone • made axe, at food thrown
Point on line, sewn• range of home grown (later)

Later line a little longer • aim draw back, hurl
Spear-throw’n, mob wander • pass point paint mural
Sapien lived in tribe • migrated worldwide
Hunt gather imbibe • sing stories at fireside (then)

Ag folk planted crop • point in soil, seed drop
Surplus went to market • with coins trade swap (industry)
Industry found fossil fuels • built tools machines
Assembly lines factories • highways trains and jeans (then)

Then folk make the inter web • where each imagination fed
Folk relatin, makin bread • Tradin gems from grandpa’s shed
Laugh out loud from link on thread • Democratizing on the Red(dit)
Watchin all folk talk at Ted • Social shift, by no one lead

Point is now up in the cloud • folks spread out across the ground
In the tribe, village and town • city, suburb can be found
Weaving lines through social nodes • linkin kings and queens abodes
Bout all folk in techno mode • on device, point now bestowed

Hippies back when disco good • jumped on nature track
Lumberjack bill went in woods • made garden, cabin shack (wrote)
Wrote book with college dave • with pen no pc mac
Perma one • a kinda natural cycle thinking back

Permanens cultura • to remain to the end
Cultivatin natura • massagin earth’s outer skin
Include all in mixtura • biologic function
Principles practice pura • harmonious win win

Connecting generations • so next can plant seed
Leave earth richer than it was • so young kinfolk can be
And see lead breed • evolve and fill they need
Individually • each our own species

Goal posts set to basics • Home food water within means
Distribute surplus to the group • and blog bout what we seen
Work the land, meet with crew • listen and respond
Maintain fluid network • over over time long