Crobi ferti fungi wormi

In square meter soil • Below our feet
Crobi soldier toil • Dey be fightin defeat
Playin they role • In the chain of events
Meetin the goal • Work be makin sense

10k billion bacteria • Walk step causin hysteria
In square meter area • Fresh meal cafeteria
IMO, EMO • Two kinds of micro-b-ia-o
Crobi turnin foamy loamy even homey jovial

IMO be local folk • Know the scene round town
Shovel dirt evoke the folk • Within compost mound
EMOs be MOs grown • Form of fertilizers
A hormone drone • Droppin wis-er fertiliser

Grow’n healthy, bigger plants • In little bit a time
Listen hear em chant • Makin soil prime grime
Rocks, eggshells, milk n meat • Bones n shoots n fruits
Weeds, greens, urine wheat • Manure, rice husk, roots


Cooked rice sits in box • Cover leave in woods
2 weeks white blue fungus crops • IMO in hood
Add sugar to stock • Fungi turn to crobe
S-uga slows the block • Crobe fertile wearin robe

Pick weeds at sunrise • Sugar water bin
Cover life to rise • Photo’synthesis within
Crush rocks fine • Put in water in mesh bag
Feed to swine (or livestock) • Cure diarrhea lag

Lactic acid • Rice water : milk (10:1) wait week
Yellow film placid • Fungal disease bleak
Pound, soak ginger root • Turmeric overnight
In sugar water leave loot • Seed insecticide

Bones and meat in bucket • Grows critters chicken feed
Sugar water crobi chuck it • Protein meal they need
Dry poo from cow and horse, chicken maybe goat
Sugar water turnin coarse • Speeds growing, this keynote

Pee in bucket • Add worm juice rid the smell
Leave dilute (100:1) • In soil more nitro dwell

Fungi make spore • Growth galore
Organic décor • Fungal net tor
Soil, moisture rapport • Exchangin like postal corps
Supply nutren’t for • Trees in forest floor

Mushrooms fruiting bodies • Mycelium encore
Mycorrhizal build root lobbys • Hundred times faster more
Plug trees with saplings • Circulatin in core
Drill it plug it soak it wait year mushroom roar

Inoculate (bags) with spore • Seal with plugs
In three weeks, 3-5 batches • Caps n nugs

Stamets grew spores • In an oil spill
Cleaned up toxic waste • Oasis lookin brill
Spores, flies, larvae, birds • Seeds they came and dropped
10 weeks later • From nothing life had cropped

Worm castings • Pee, tea or juice
“Red wriggler” common worms • Leave em in dirt loose
1 kilo red wriggler • bout 1000 worms
Doubles in one-month • Worm squirmin in the berm

Worm rectangular bin • Creates habitat
Compost hotel inn • In drain pour worm scat
Feed em leafy greens • Fruits and veg
Grinds, tea, garden glean • Shells clip of hedge

Don’t feed em citrus peels • Oils, breads or fats
Processed sugars, cereals • Spicy, garlic, brats
Put food on top • Let worms do the mixin
Seal, fill, dilute • When juice be fixin

Crobi ferti fungi wormi • Dis crew be our frens
Eatin skeetin fruitin shootin • Dey work we depen’
Crobi ferti fungi wormi • Dis crew be our frens
Eatin skeetin fruitin shootin • Dey work we depen’