Nitrogen is gasoline, carbon is the wood
Mix even parts of brown and green, in one month compost good
Compost dirt made faster, soil food web fuel
Natural garden plaster, dark and loamy jewel

Branches brown wood chips, straw cardboard sawdust
Dry plants leaf tips, carbon where life once was
Grass clippings green leaves, veggies weeds on plot
Manure food scraps bones meats, nitrogen makes it hot

Compost pile bound, do landscapin grooming
Stack finds organic mound, trees that need pruning
Brown green, brown green layer, each 20 centimeter thick
Cover post water sprayer, smaller than finger each stick

Short-term pile, one one half meter cube
Easy flippin, wettin, spread on garden to use
Long-term pile, stacked in a long tube
(Bottom thick sticks) let air flow, compost pile lube
After four days, flip pile upsidedown
Steam steamin off the pile, thermophilic sound

Liquid fertilizer, barrel 1/3 full compost
Sugar air pump oxy riser, 2-4-7 makes the most
Apply to crops, while oxygen is high
Seed in soil pops, the water’s alive

Mulch sits on compost, lightweight soil sunscreen
Dirt in shade no roast, microbes livin the dream
Straw wood chips cut grass, hearty mulch all kinds
Helps grow biomass, forest from fallow signs