Token swap for cucumbas • stack stack like lumba
Put numbas on more numbas • stash in banks for future comba-
Nation enjoying fruits • and coverin basic nutes
Mathematical magical mute • cept when pen scoot

On paper, ious • receipts made, used for trade
Retrieve when ya choose • swap stock, notation made
Way back in Europe • gum men issued bonds
Big bills in vaults • made real with magic wand

Later in America • world bank made with pen swipe
Credit card magnetic stripe • ATM on receipt thank you! type
Print notes, make accounts • build regional hype
Trade, keep track, count • Swap notes with fruit ripe

Issue number at birth • sign up at the womb
Logic gives it worth |   plant coins that will bloom
Into leaves and fruits • snip band box swap
Coins drop, portion to farm • Return to soil, happy flock

Surplus farmers market • grocery store restaurateur
CSA weekly boxes • added value adds more
Cafés, shops, festivals • to hawk ya gear
Living spaces farm tours • ferment wine cider beer

Many ways to measure gain • change the lens, change the game
All folks need be livin same • let’s all share these riches fame
Living soil, seeds sown • land farm mushroom body bone [Material] Material stuff quote “own” • house, clothes, telephone

Words ideas our mental zone • story song ritual prone
Friends on Facebook, one day clone • financial coin cash and loan
Risk taken shown • experience travel share wisdom
Many ways to measure gain • change the lens, change the game
Distribute round, make it rain • so all folk can plant dat grain