Nursery is a place • Raise protects plants from weather
Water tap seeds space • Making fruit leather
Compost chicken rabbits • Inside raise em together
Wood heater habits • Glass bottle heat feather

Potting soil grows • Seeds in seed tray
Fiber sand compost • Sift screen no clay
First walk around • Find plants ar’dy in play
Snip sow in ground • Ask what local folk say

Plant propagation • Mul-tiply an array
Seed cultivation • Stem clone either wa
Sown seeds grow fast • Disease at bay
2 deep wide grasp • cover with soil n hay 

Moon calendar by days • says when to plant what
                                         says when to plant what
Chant candle gaze • Seed gro-w like donut
                                 Seed gro-w like donut                         

Cut below node • Branch finger thick code
Paint tip honey clove • Plant in moist compost
Tubers n suckers • Runners bulbs for reuse
Separate into pieces • Each roots n shoots

Coco plastic tin suits • Air layer scoops
In 10-weeks induce • Profuse obtuse roots

Branch to ground • Blasts roots into place
Stake in mound • Bend up to space
Grafting ad hoc • Makes two plants one
Good roots n fruit stalk • Bound together with twine spun
15 kinds on one block • Funky fruit ton
Funky fruit ton
Funky fruit ton

Pulp juice fruits rock • Roach fermentation
Good seeds sink drop • Poor surface on occasion
Good plant chock • Strain seeds in crock
Sun screen wok • Label seed spot

Moon calendar by days • says when to plant what
Moon phase cast moon rays • from space to groundnut
Leaves roots raise • Fruit shoots full strut
Chant candle gaze •  Seed gro-w like donut

Seed gro-w like donut donut donut donut