Point appears in sight pops • begins with seeds and water drops
Glides along into a wave • branch stream, in wind mud they sway
Spiral sprouts on baby fern • hurricane makes windy churn
Shape of tree resembles torus • doughnut mushroom ocean forest

Circle round, now back to seed • water drop progress indeed
Point wave spiral into shroom • circle point, how flowers bloom
Tessellation shape repeats • Spider web beehive bedsheets
Crenulation repeat no pattern • Leaf skin maybe planet Saturn

On Phi line lies a node • where branch becomes twig
Big segment over whole • equals small over big
1 point 618 tactic • makes fruits and shoots
To reproduce, its magic • make seeds feed the roots

In nature, petals turn to sun • So leaves get more chlori-fun
Roots part in soil dig • spiky dendrite earthen wig
Shell sunflower starfish • golden spiral nature’s wish
Plants grow feelers from the trunk • sun grow supa dupa funk

How quickly rabbits hump • 11 2 3 5 8 bump
Fibonacci sequence, mate • creature propagation rate
How animals duplicate • Natural way to fornicate
Golden section divine • sacred cut imagine shine

Human finger base to tip • arranged by phi for grip
Top of head, navel to floor • Arms and legs even propor-
Shin to thigh, forearm • bicep one near one far
Forehead nose to chin • ear to eye, eye ear, grin

On Phi line lies a node • where branch becomes twig
Big segment over whole • equals small over big
Nature keeps it eye on phi • speed limit to reach the sky
Future losin’ its disguise • shows us wings of butterflies

Space right between our eyes • Third eye open wide
Circle line symbol supplies •  Ancient human glue, the prize
How put ketchup on dem fries •  Save nugget rest spend wise
Root shoot n soil stabilise • Line between the land and sky

On Phi line lies a node • where branch becomes abode
Nest rests where twig growed • Egg hatch, spread seed sowed
No speak, just shared load • Bird tree sym-b-io(sis)
On tree the moon glowed • Some days the rain flow