Climate edge soil slope • Sun, water check
Prepare space give it shape • observe wind aspect
Raised bed with wood is good • bottle, straw, rock, brick
Sheet mulch crobi hood • composting-in-place is quick

Leave dirt as it stood • add compost mulch thick
Hugelkulture maybe could • Raise crops crew pick,   eatin’

Eatin vine picked veg • offa shoulder-height hedge
Sunken bed dig dredge • coco compos’ edge
Herb spiral sloping ledge • Microclimate wedge
SFG use straightedge • Brings in patronage
Brings in patronage

Maximizin garden section • Simple neat plant collection
Garden structure plant election • Teepees, trellis intersection
Companion on tha block • Beans growin up corn stalk
Stagger planting stock • succession three-week clock

Crop rotation soil sweeter • dark and loamy grows a leader
Cover crop broadcast seeder • Raises nitrogen meter
Leaf lightweight feeders • Fruits middle eaters
Roots heavy breeders • Flowers pretty meeter greeter

Log data for next season bro • Makes it easy keeps it pro
Seeds and when to sow • Field status of each row
A-mendment soil flow • Har-vest what you grow
Sales where’d it go • Keep track show what you grow
Keep track show what you grow

From what you sow • now you know
Long slow go • daily stops on the road
Puts flow • to what makes ya go whoa
Look at what we grow • why, well never know

That’s the mystery fo sho • Keep us all on our toe
Tryna dance with the flow • As we go to the glow of the grow