Track: Wax Goes Bananas (Instrumental) EOM

Plants have single foot • spend time in one place [creatures] Creatures have two • for walk flyin thru space [two four] Two four leggers feast • fruits from branch tips [stomach] Stomach fill on beast • natural medicine hips

Jungle’s a projection • Food web exploded
Mimics crobi action • Same motive
Insects in home • lay sleep feel secure
Near ponds to roam • in stacks of wood sure

Insects pollinate eat • Aphids mites n pests
Butterflies beetle bees • Ants dragonflies nest
Roaches cicadas • hoppers wasps moths
Need water food made a • flowers tasty swath

Jungle’s a projection • Food web exploded

Mimics crobi action • …same motive

Bottles planks • palettes and pipes [dry] Dry compost pile swank • plant flower supplies
Drop in full sun ray • smooth door little sanding [wings] Wings tuck gentle sway • such a graceful landing

Ladybugs hoverflies • stack twigs in wood box [bamboo] Bamboo bundled tied • bees in tin blocks [stack] Stack bricks leave gaps • for isopods [bees] Bees beneficial wasps • Drill holes in logs [up-side]

Upside-down terracotta • filled with straw wood wool [lacewig] Lacewig gotta • bundle straw in bah-tool (bottle) [bat] Bat box rids • site from mosquita [also] Also frog pond • no mosquito breeda make ya bleed

Jungle’s a projection • Food web exploded

Mimics microbial action • …same motive
Nom nom nom nom nom nom

Bees pollinate make • honey wax propilis [bee] Bee box brings life • quilt roof dopa-lish [creatures] Creatures gi-ya love • food, keep pests at bay
Chicken coops above • pond drops what fish crave (…breathe)

Food water • clean dry warm bed
Creatures eat 3% • body weight toe to head
An acre of space • per quarter ton leggy meat
100 chickens to chase • 1 cow feature

Rotate grazers • gnaws on grasses
Pigs birds munch peat • grubs on second passes
Rotate legger meat • every otha week
So soil repeat • anotha mighty green fleet
anotha mighty green fleet