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wwoof_logo_thailandPermaville is working in partnership with WWOOF Thailand. Permaville consultants are visiting sites around Thailand to design long-term permaculture project plan strategies for people’s homes and organizations. Click through the following listings to learn more about our completed permaculture project plans or touch base with the site to get to work!

Other permaculture sites in Asia

Sites in Thailand

pic of elephantsBring the Elephant Home, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Bring the Elephant Home is a non-profit volunteer organization that works to protect the elephants around Thailand. Antoinette Van de Water has lived in Thailand started the organization and has worked with elephants in Thailand for over 8 years. This piece of land will serve as an educational and training center for volunteers interested in working with the elephants and as a research project for permaculture.

IMG_1161Ao Kao White Sand Resort, Ko Mak, Thailand

Ao Kao White Sand Resort is looking to implement permaculture into the expansion of their resort on Ko Mak Island, the largest privately owned island in Thailand. This design and technical report focus on the landscaping of 16 new bungalows. These landscape designs lay out a variety of edible plants which could supplement the restaurant and general imported goods from the mainland and create micro-enterprise opportunities.


IMG_1328Okumura Farm, Sameong, Thailand

Yuki and John Okumura are small family living in the hills of Sameong. Their 2 acre property has 180 degree views of the surrounding hills. This site design lays out additional earthworks, gardening and appropriate technology solutions to help the family grow more food and effectively use their natural waste products.



panyaPanya Project, Mae Taeng (1.5 hr north of Chiang Mai), Thailand

We invite you to come and join our community either as a volunteer or for one of our upcoming courses. As a community we are dedicated to living a sustainable life in tune with each other and the natural world. We are very passionate about sharing our knowledge, ideas and inspiration. We are also eager to learn from you. We regularly host Permaculture Design Courses and Introductions to Permaculture, as part of a global movement to bring this important information to the world.

img_0738Mae Mut Gardens, Mae Win Village (south of Chiang Mai), Thailand

Mae Mut Gardens welcome volunteers with an interest in tropical agriculture, natural building and permaculture or Thai life. A serious interest in permaculture and/or Thai life is very helpful to make the most of this rare opportunity. We ask people to stay a minimum of six weeks for people with little or no experience, or three weeks for volunteers with previous organic gardening or carpentry/building experience.


20140613_152516Phayao Permaculture Center (PPC), Phayao, Thailand

The Phayao Permaculture Center is a 2 acre family farm, demonstration and education center in Pa Daeng, Phayao, Thailand dedicated to the application of Permaculture Ethics & Principles. Bruce, the founder of the Center, is interested in receiving self-motivated volunteers to carry out his project plan. 


2014-05-23 11.59.36Burr 52, San Sai village, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Burr 52 is a 2.5 acre piece of land operated by John and Lanee Burr. Their vision is to increase food production and restore the landscape to be a land of abundance. If you are interested in a place near Chiang Mai to practice permaculture and build beautiful gardens, visit Burr 52.

kailash-akhara-peopleKailash Akhara Yoga Center, Phu Ruea, Eastern Thailand

Kailash Akhara Yoga center is recruiting volunteers to practice natural building and permaculture as they build a school for local children as well as carry out a long-term permaculture plan. Read through our recommendations or contact Kailash Akhara ( to see how you can help!